About Me

We currently hear a familiar complaint: “I wish I had more energy to support my busy schedule and lifestyle.”

Many of us are aware of our demanding schedules and therefore, our health is suffering. I, too, was suffering from a variety of chronic health challenges, which I used as motivation to ultimately heal myself.

How did I do it? By making a dedicated effort in changing my lifestyle, beginning with the ingredients I chose to put into and on my body. I began mindfully preparing meals to support and restore optimal health and wellness. Patience, perseverance, and believing in my body’s natural ability to heal were the 3 key factors in my ultimate recovery. My daughter’s radiant smile was the final daily motivation I needed to keep me focused and determined to succeed.

The last 6 years have proven to be an empowering healing journey. Today I am a vibrant, healthy member of our Naples community, who is passionate about sharing my self-taught, nutritiously gourmet culinary knowledge with you! I am dedicated to making a vibrantly healthy lifestyle both easy to achieve and delicious to follow.

If there is one morsel of wisdom I may humbly share with you, it would be this:

Find your purpose in life and see how others can benefit!