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Creating Healthy Eating Habits From Infants to Seniors

My mission is simple:   Restore my clients’ optimal health & wellness through deliciously prepared, natural healing foods.

My philosophy is simple:    The human body was created with an incredible ability to heal itself when it is nourished from the inside out.  Sourcing and selecting the highest quality ingredients is the foundation of my gourmet culinary creations.  I have spent the last 13 years fostering relationships with a variety of the best local, organic and biodynamic farmers, who take tremendous pride in growing and raising a wide variety of healthy and vibrant fruits, veggies, herbs and meats.

Give your body the nourishment it needs to THRIVE! To do so, we can harness the healing powers of food, if we so desire. I invite you to join me on this journey towards the creative simplicity and wholesomeness that shines through each dish and each meal I prepare.